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we're the Apocalyptic xtreme Gamerz Nexuiz Clan.

Here you can find us on our website, you can contact us, fight us etc.

Our servers are hosted by www.cgit.at, an austrian internet security service. Visit our sponsor and the helpers of AxG, just because of them we're still alive! Smile

www.cgit.at !

Official alliances and clan friends

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Official alliances and clan friends

Post  Essiance on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:39 pm

Hello members,

the Apocalyptic xtreme Gamerz - Xonotic Clan has alliances with the following clans:


We have a good friendship to the following Clans:

unconnected - Nexuiz Clan
Nexuiz Fun Clan

I hope I didn't forget someone Very Happy. We thank some members of the following clans:

The Badass Choobs
Legends Nexuiz Clan
Die Tunichtguten
Prophets Minstagib Clan

Without you we never would have so much fun ingame and AxG maybe wouldn't exist. So "Thank you!" to everyone.
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