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[DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

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[DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

Post  suthernfriend on Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:23 am

jngm requested me to post this here:

[DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

The initial player limit is 12 (6 teams). In our opinion, the lower the player count is, the more likely is for the tournament to succeed. But, if the demand is big enough we can widen the number to a max of 16 players (8 teams).

The final grouping won't be done by me, but rather by 2 innocent hands. I will not use challonge since it doesn't allow me to use the chosen system for this tournament.


Tourney system and teams

6 teams divided in 2 groups, each team has 2 players (12 players total).

In each group every team will play against the other teams of its group.

Every won map = 1 point. One team can lose 2:1 (3 maps) but the won map still counts for the overall count. If the total count results in a draw the result will be decided by the total amount of caps of each team.

Once the teams have played against each other within their groups, the two teams with most points of both groups will pass to the next round to play against one of the teams of the opposite group (semi finals). The winners of the semifinals will pass to the final round.

If the number of players exceeds our expectations we can organise a tourney for 8 teams (16 players), with the same round disposition and rules (with the exception of having 4 teams per group in the first round instead of 3).

Example: http://i.imgur.com/BVpNz.png


Best of 3. Each team will choose one map, in case a 3rd map is needed both teams can agree on one or use cointoss. No timelimit.

Screenshots of the results of every match are obligatory. The recording of demos is encouraged. The screens must be given to me or jizzy (through IRC, or via email to dodgingbulletsclan@gmail.com)


Preferably Moonshine, Nightflight can also be used.

Date of the tournament

The sign up time ends the 30th Friday at 21:00h. The groups and brackets will be public the 1st of December and the tournament will start the same day, we aim for some matches to be played the same day.

The date of the matches must be agreed by both teams, in case it doesn't go as fast as needed I will try to contact the teams to facilitate an agreement.


Answer to this post or contact me or jizzy through IRC.


jngm, jizzy

I will try to keep this post updated.

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Re: [DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

Post  Paperinik on Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:18 am

Not up to date. See nexstat.eu.

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Re: [DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

Post  jngm on Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:15 am

Yes, better check the link on nexstat.eu, I can't edit this one (I was going to post it by myself but I couldn't add links or emails since I registered just a few days ago).


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Re: [DBC] 2 Player CTF Tournament

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