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loading Maps

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loading Maps

Post  Audio-Police on Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:49 am

hello gamblers and gambler-ladies ≈:•D

i am new here on this forum .. my sign in succeeded .. a quiet happiness affect me .. now i use the opportunity to explain my first problem with nexuiz

sometimes my client nexuiz application need a new map to join a gameplay .. after loading the next level map mostly the server-connection kicks me off .. because i get the 10000th copy of the csprogs.dat (is already on my machine) .. and the following file-loading goes fail .. A FAIL ALWAYS

so i have to quit my app .. moving the new loaded mapfiles from the .nexuiz folder into applications data/dlcache folder .. then restart .. then rejoin the server .. AN UGLY WORKAROUND

i use an intel mac .. created nex-servers without touched csprogs.dat (with original csprogs.dat) works very well .. only specially configured servers (such as AXG) fails

by that way .. i want to load a mapfile called "dissocia_nex.pk3" .. where can i get it

cheerio folks [_]\•(Ö.ö)•__ AP

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Re: loading Maps

Post  Tjalbo on Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:32 am

10.5 MiB

Don't bother. It's another crap map by sushy/experience.

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