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we're the Apocalyptic xtreme Gamerz Nexuiz Clan.

Here you can find us on our website, you can contact us, fight us etc.

Our servers are hosted by www.cgit.at, an austrian internet security service. Visit our sponsor and the helpers of AxG, just because of them we're still alive! Smile

www.cgit.at !

AxG-Update: 19/10/2010

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AxG-Update: 19/10/2010

Post  Essiance on Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:38 pm

Ladies and gentlemen,

the show ... is about to begin !

Today, at 03:15 GMT +2, our new server called "AxG 2.5.2 Minsta|CTF +hook server" was online ! Yes, just one week ago we always talked about our server, and in the next days he will be online.

A special thanks to Lunar, today at this time, he's sitting in the university, and just 9 hours ago we still worked on the server. Thanks to him! We talked about IRC and I know what he did for the server. SSH, firewall etc., everything, everything got set up, updated, etc.. It was only Lunar's work that we can play and pown on our new server in the next days. You're fuckin' great, Lunar. :-)

You will find our server in the next days in the list. Just have a look Smile But Lunar and me will always tell some AxG's if the server is online Smile.

But the server is not all:

Alan created a Youtube-Channel where some demos of us AxG's will be recorded and you can watch them there. Subscribe our channel, please Smile. We admins don't have anything to do with that, it's just the work of Alan, and we thank him for doing that.

And now, I want to tell you the most important things:
ComplexCreation said sorry to eXile, and radio accepted, also Predator will come back! But because they left, they lose their admin status. I told them that and they think, it's fair and okay.

Predator and me will make a "propaganda video", that's the name Nimbus and I use Very Happy. We will presend the clan, will write a small history and we hope others will write an application just because of reading that. Our video will collect great shots of our members and will present them in that video. I have to say, that Predator and me found great music for our video

Next important point:
U_nique try to join AxG, also Alan wants to try it. U_nique tried it just two or three month ago, and Alan is not really new in the clan publicity. Alan was the admin of the DodgingBulletsClan, but he had a lot of problems with it, that's why he left DBC. And he's really welcome here.

Rules were written and everyone accepted it. I see, that the clabn climate become better and better, and you are so nice to other members. It's also because of our test server. laggy, but we can play on it. Thanks to radiohead of the eXile clan Smile.

I think, that's all Smile

So, dear soccer team member,
let's wait for the server Smile

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