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Write bout you (pls make a new post) Empty Write bout you (pls make a new post)

Post  Last-Hope (Shadow) on Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:23 am

hey guys!
just wondered if maybe the clan members could write something here too to get to know ourselves a bit=)
i'll make an entry first...
okay guys i'm fabian born on the 26th october 1996 (nationalfeiertag of austria) in the wonderful city graz, austria i still live in today.
my friends call me fabi though this would sound a bit weird so u can call me shadow, hope or fabian^^
i got one older sister and i live together with her and my mum in a house.
i like a lot and different kinds of music from hardcore punk over piano and violine music to rap and hip hop.
my favourite bands and artists are rise against, the fray, paramore , sido, eminem yann tiersen, yiruma, and jack johnson- though if i would think a few minutes longer i could write down many more =)
other games i play are urban terror and (since a few weeks but only offline) sniper ghost warrior...
well these are a few facts bout me and i hope u write sth bout you too!
regards shadow =)

Last-Hope (Shadow)
Last-Hope (Shadow)

Anzahl der Beitr├Ąge : 343
Anmeldedatum : 2010-05-28
Alter : 22
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